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Thank you for choosing us as your podiatrists in San Jose, California. We have created this website to provide our patients with a means to research and educate themselves on various topics related to the foot and ankle conditions we treat. We treat all foot and ankle conditions, ranging from routine nail procedures to complex sports injuries and trauma. We also tend to diabetic foot needs and limb preservation care. We provide the highest quality of care in a safe and comfortable setting.

We are committed to treating every patient with the utmost respect, care and compassion. Our mission is to apply the most advanced technology in the management of podiatric medicine with a full range of diagnostic capacities and therapeutic modalities. Our Patient Information section provides patients with the most necessary information to teach them about their medical conditions and treatments. Our website is intended to provide credible information in layman’s terms about disease conditions and the associated treatment and the procedures. We hope it will help you improve the decision you make about your healthcare choices.

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